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Information about members, including their Personae Name and Device is maintained by the College of Heralds. To view this information, press Here*!



The order of precedence is a useful tool to arrange people in an objective manner, paying respect to their rank and relative position in the kingdom. It helps dictate protocol and ceremony when needed, and prevents confusion and upset among the landed nobility.

The Order of Precedence lists an individual’s “top” award, ordering recognitions by rank, date, and name (two people with the same rank on the same date will be ordered by name). This also is limited to the awards that carry “precedence” (Awards of Arms and higher). There are links for each individual that can be used to see more details about them, and list all of their recognitions.  Please note this is here mostly as a curiosity, as the primary purpose of an Order of Precedence is to help set people up for a Grand March, something seldom done anymore.

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