Darach Events

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Medieval Marketplace 2023

When:  November 25, 2023  Saturday   9:00am – 4:00pm

Where: Community Center Park, 1605 Burnley St, Camarillo, CA 93010

What: Shopping, Arts, & Combat! Our merchant list keeps getting longer for this event. It’s the best shopping weekend of the year and we have a wide assortment of medieval goods for all your friends and family to offer. Peruse the bazzar and then wander over to the fighters field to enjoy the dual combat sports of both Heavy Armoured combat and Rapier Fencing Combat. With all this to see, who could believe there is more, but there is! The People’s Arts Display will dazzle your eyes and inspire your crafting skills. We have art and project entrants from across Caid on display for you to cast your vote for your favorites.

BOL (Black Oak Lodge) 2024

When:  February, 2024  Date TBD

Where: Please be patient with us while we are looking for a new site! Location TBD.

What: A local overnight Camping event for winter fun and merriment, often combined with Festival of the Rose in the past. Log Cabins or field camping usually available.


Darach Anniversary 2024– 49yrs

When: May 4, 2024   Saturday   8:00am – 5:00pm

Where: Valle Lindo Park, North-East corner off Coe St. Camarillo, CA

What: Yearly Celebration of the history of our Shire. Next year’s theme is coming soon! We have the same location as last year and the details for the day will be published in 2024. There will be fighting events throughout the day and a People’s Choice arts display. Bring your works to display or bring small favors (beads/flowers/buttons/etc… to place by your vote). More details will be announced as the event gets closer.

DIRECTIONS: Take your favorite route to the US 101 freeway toward Camarillo.
From the South/East: Exit at Carmen Dr. and turn right.
From the North/West: Exit at Carmen Dr. Off ramp exits onto Ventura Blvd. Turn left onto Ventura Blvd., and then immediately turn left again onto Carmen and over the freeway.
From Carmen, turn left onto Ponderosa. Turn right onto Lantana and then left onto Coe. The park will be on the left. Parking is on the street (sorry).
Warning: Your GPS might tell you to go straight up Carmen, past Ponderosa, and turn left at Coe. Do NOT follow that direction! There is a center divider that blocks the way. You’d have to drive another few blocks to find a place to make a u-turn.


Darach Pirate Tourney 2024

When:  August, 2024   “Saturday”    9:00am – 6:00pm
Where: Valle Lindo Park, 889 Aileen St, Camarillo, California 93010. (North-East corner off Coe St.)
What: More details to come next year!


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