Brewers Guild
The Brewers Guild is interested in all aspects of brewing from the mundane to the medical. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes are researched. However, NO underage drinking is tolerated. We want to represent the best in our craft, and invite you to join us at our regularly scheduled meetings; usually once a month.


Cooking Guild
The Cooking Guild studies period recipes and cooking techniques. If you would like to learn more about period cooking, please contact the Guild about scheduling new workshops.


Herbal Guild
In the Herbal Guild of Darach we research both period and modern herb uses, growing tips and recipes for use in the “curren middle ages.” Meetings vary in time and dates, so please check the Calendar and join us!


Textiles Guild
The Textiles Guild is another way of saying “Sewing” or “Costuming Workshops.” Textiles is open to anyone, regardless of whether you are at a beginning, intermediate, or advanced sewing level.


Scribal Guild
Project Night is a monthly get-together for anyone interested in Arts & Sciences, with emphasis on Scriptorium (calligraphy & illumination)


Woodworking Guild
The Woodworking Guild is dedicated to historical research and practical application of medieval woodcraft. Our goal is to learn the art of woodworking, period techniques and tools, modern tool use and safety.